Chris Bartlett

Singer, Songwriter, World Traveler

Photo by Justin Abrams
@justinabrams on Instagram

It is extremely rare to find a musician as dedicated, skilled and accessible as Chris Bartlett is in our world today.  Since declaring his status as a full-time & pro-musician in 2005, Chris has immersed himself in every possible angle of the music industry and has truly set a new standard with his unwavering commitment to make music involved in every part of his life.  A true leader by example, Chris Bartlett embodies the spirit of the independent scene and through his hard work & fantastic song-writing, has indeed become one of the scene’s true champions.

Beginning a serious foray into his career and lifetime in music, Chris joined the critically-acclaimed band Thelonius Funk while in college/university in the state of Georgia where he still calls home.  This incredible opportunity to work with such skilled musicians both confirmed Chris’ own validity in the music-business, but also opened the door for even more fantastic opportunities in the future to come.  In between the years of 2008-2010, Chris stepped into the spotlight on the live stage, fronting the band Soul Stash and sharing the stage with some of music’s most massive names like Wyclef Jean, REHAB, Sugar Ray and Velvet Revolver at the height of their popularity, completely holding his own with electrifying and exciting performances for crowds of hundreds upon hundreds of hungry music fans.

As his skills and abilities continued to grow and refine themselves, Chris became more and more integrated into the music-scene with his unique blend of American Folk/Soul/Southern Rock music.  Travelling to more than 70 countries around the world performing and writing over these past four years – he shows no signs of slowing down and his enthusiasm & passion for his craft continue to show no limitations.  His first solo EP – The Truth – was released in the first half of 2011 and the attention continued to shift in Chris’ direction yet again.  With people from all over the world recognizing his abilities and listening to his EP – this incredible one-man-show continued to write new material from the new inspirations he had found in all corners of the Earth and at the beginning of 2014 released his first full-length acoustic record, Dogs In The Water.

Today you can absolutely still find Chris Bartlett hard at work in all aspects of music.  From his main website at you’ll see the evidence all over the internet; from his studio-work, to his writing on his musical experiences and right up to consulting new musicians and counselling them towards their own successful careers, Chris has made a reputable name for himself and become a go-to source for musical knowledge.  He recently relocated to Seattle and continues to work in the studio and the stage.  Check out the calendar of events or his blog for more info.